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Workforce diversity

Workforce diversity has substantial  benefits for organisations.  Achieving such an environment may well be on your agenda. Fine - but there is a difference between policies and delivery.  Consider:

An organisational temperature gauge

  • What is really happening
  • Are there differences between locations/business areas
  • What are the real attitudes
  • Do managers understand their responsibilities

With the evolution of this subject into mainstream business practices it is becoming ever more important to understand the "temperature" of equality/diversity in your organisation.

Measuring the effectiveness of diversity management

Do you want to measure the benefits of you diversity programme?   Diversity is more than demographic profiles - it is about having a workforce that is motivated by being treated with value and respect.

A regular CoPeople survey will provide you with the method of measuring the benefits and achievements.

Carers' Surveys

Considering introducing childcare or eldercare?  Establish employee needs before buying any expensive solution. Use a CoPeople carer's survey to establish the current facts.

Check out the facts - use a specialist survey

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