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Employee surveys for human resource management

We manage with you:

  • Selecting the appropriate survey medium - hard copy, web based or both
  • Designing the survey - bespoke to your objectives
  • Advice & practical support on survey management - maximising response
  • Sophisticated but practical data analysis
  • Professional data presentation & interpretation
  • Benchmark comparisons where available
  • Report, conclusions, recommendations - practical professional advice

  • Subsequent ad hoc query analysis
  • Feedback materials - key to employee credibility

We have:

  • In-depth technical skills in the development and data management of employee surveys
  • Key staff who are, themselves, highly qualified and experienced corporate HR practitioners

Corporate People Ltd. is a specialist resource for employee surveys, enabling personnel / human resources to effectively apply any employee survey method required, including:

  • Census surveys of an entire company workforce
  • A sample survey of a section of the employees
  • A focused survey of a particular part of the organisation
  • Ongoing feedback as part of a particular HR process such as recruitment or exit-interviews
  • External benchmarking survey

Each employee survey assignment is customised to the client company’s unique requirements.

That is what makes us different.  As well as the data, you receive professional advice on what it means for your people management policies and practice.  You are not left with a manual of data tables!  specialist employee surveys

Please take a moment to explore the site.  There is a basic message surrounding much HR work.  Before you design the (expensive) solution:

  • Check out the facts - use an employee survey!

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